Jessica Tater
2nd place, Senior Category (15-18 years)

fur and feather

where fur meets feather
they found it

bird wing touched
rabbit body two
creatures became whole

woven close by stories of
spotting soulmates
in broken light through trees

struck from their senses
won’t be eating
alone again tonight

plato once told us we began
with two faces one
body most powerful

four arms four
legs four hands for
we loved to share

angry at our intimacy zeus
broke us like bread
threw our pieces north and south

torn by famine starving
for a forgotten flavour we break
our bodies to become one again

hungry to become filled then
emptied together forever kindly
asking for more

now caged in glass preserved
as proof it is possible
like zeus we are sick with jealousy

we thirst for their smooth blend
forage the forest floor
scan the skies

in vain some follow recipes
of their own image foolishly
searching in mirrors but

real love is foreign taste
salt and pepper
fur and feather