Roman Spoon

Bronze, ca. 2nd century CE
Donated by the PhiloLogie Society, 2019

Professor Peter Field and Associate Professor Alison Griffith of the University of Canterbury College of Arts, with the president of the PhiloLogie Society Dr Gary Morrison, 2019

A Roman-era spoon has been gifted to the Teece Museum and Logie Collection for teaching and research purposes. The large bronze spoon dates back to the second century CE and was likely used for eating shellfish and other small food-stuffs by an elite Roman family. It was probably made in Roman Britain.

The spoon was donated by the PhiloLogie Society. “The PhiloLogie Society is delighted to be able to present the James Logie Memorial Collection with a Roman spoon, and to do so in time for the Fantastic Feasts exhibition at the Teece Museum,” says the President of the of the PhiloLogie Society and UC Classics Senior Lecturer Dr Gary Morrison.

“As a society, this small gesture represents an important step in our post-earthquake recovery. This purchase and gift signals to both our membership and the wider community that we are active and are looking for new ways to enhance the Collection.”

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