Primary and Secondary School Visits

The Teece Museum and Logie Collection can be used to explore a wide variety of disciplines such as classics, history, art history, social studies, geography, and fine arts. We offer guided sessions for primary and secondary schools from Year 1 to Year 13. Teachers can choose from a series of set lesson plans, or the content can be tailored to meet specific learning outcomes.

Planning your visit

The Museum is available for school groups by appointment Monday to Friday 9am-4.30pm. Through the generous sponsorship of the UC Foundation, this service for schools is free.

Contact our team to make a booking.

Free Resources

These resources are designed to give you some ideas and information about class visits to the Museum, alongside practical notes about how to find us or contact us. The resources are just possible starting points. We are happy to discuss with teachers alternative lesson goals and activities.

Online Resources for exploring the Logie Collection

Central City Educational Opportunities

Make the most of your class visit into the centre city by visiting more than one of the great local arts and heritage attractions. In addition to the Teece Museum, the Rutherford’s Den, Canterbury Museum and Christchurch Art Gallery all run educational programmes, and are all located within easy walking distance of the Teece.