Roman Patera

Bronze, ca. 1st century BCE – 1st century CE
Donated by Doug and Anemarie Gold, 2019

Dating to between the first century BCE and first century CE, this bronze patera has a ribbed handle with the head of a wolf with bared teeth on the end indicating a high-quality piece. These shallow, rounded-form bowls were primarily used for serving food or drink at dinner parties or for pouring libations at religious ceremonies.

The patera was donated by Doug and Anemarie Gold of Wellington. It is said to have previously been in the collection of Norbert Schimmel, who eventually donated a large proportion of his private collection to the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

The Roman material in the Logie Collection is used for teaching in a number of University courses, particularly those offered by the UC Classics department. Roman artefacts are also popular with visiting primary and secondary schools taking part in the free education outreach programme at the Teece Museum. Increasing the range of Roman artefacts offers the potential for new student research projects in a number of disciplines.

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