Congratulations! You have just been elected ruler of your own kingdom.

Like the rulers of ancient Greece, your first job is to design a coin so that all your subjects know who you are. Explore coins from the ancient Greek world, and use them as inspiration to design your very own ancient coin.

Ancient coins are really miniature works of art, and just like a painting, coins can tell a story. In this activity you will have the chance to view real ancient Greek coins online with the University of Canterbury Teece Museum. By spending some time investigating the pictures and symbols on coins, you will realise that they can be a key to unlock history. Having explored the world of ancient coins, you will then use your new found knowledge to create a coin design of your very own, and share it with your CU classmates.

If you are registered with the Children’s University, this is an approved activity, and will qualify for a 1 hour stamp in your passport.

What to do:
  1. Login to the CU portal and download the activity sheet
  2. Go to the Teece Museum collection search at and type COIN into the search bar.
  3. Complete your design and share it!

If you aren’t registered for Children’s University, you can still try this activity. Just download the activity sheet here – Design your own Ancient Coin