Which philosophy club will you join?

Welcome to ancient Athens! Today is an exciting day for you to have arrived in town. There are four different philosophy clubs competing in the city and trying to gain members – and you get to decide which one you think is best! These rival groups call themselves the Stoics, Epicureans, Cynics, and Skeptics. Each club is run by a wise philosopher.

Meet Sophia, a young Greek girl living in Athens. She is intrigued by these new clubs and is wondering what they are all about. Join her as she explores each one and find out which philosophers she decides to join, or if she will disagree with them all and create her own club instead! 

What to do:
  1.  Get your free copy of Sophia and the Philosophy Club Competition from the Teece Museum, or read the PDF version you can download here.
  2. Login to the CU portal and download the activity sheet. If you aren’t registered for Children’s University, you can still try this activity. Just download the activity sheet and have a go!
  3. Complete the activity sheet and share your results.


Author: Brylea Hollinshead
Editor: Terri Elder
Illustrator: Laura Bythell
Designer: Sharon Gottermeyer
Activity Sheet: Emily Rosevear